Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Deal with Stress Caused by Moving

When you are about to move to a new location you find yourself under a lot of pressure: finding a moving company, packing and discarding, living on suitcases, shutting down the utilities, starting them off again, address change, mail forward, waiting for a cable guy…. Your to-do-list seems endless and your comfort level is at its lowest.

But not all the stress is caused by dealing with the moving arrangements, part of the stress should be attributed to the effect of change and the necessity to adept to it. Your customary daily routine is disrupted, your surroundings are new and unfamiliar; you are a foreigner in the neighborhood you just moved in to and you miss your old life.

There are a few things you can do to regain your confidence and comfort sooner:

Unpack and organize.

Being unable to find anything among the numerous boxes and the mess caused by the move adds up to your frustration. You want to tackle the unpacking process immediately even if it means taking an extra day off at work. But once your items are all in place and the boxes are discarded, your home begins to feel like home, finding things gets easier, you are able to organize your days in a more efficient way.

Get New Stuff for Your New Home

Sometimes it’s simply weird to see your old furniture against the new walls. You move it around, try to find the optimal place for everything, but it still doesn’t look right. It’s like the old and the new fail to connect and you are stuck somewhere in the middle. Getting a few new items can be that connecting piece that you lack: bright curtains with some peculiar pattern, a painting, a new rug, a fancy chandelier. These decorative items will symbolize the change - your life is taking a new turn after all - but at the same time they will help your interior look complete and cozy.

Meet the Neighbors.

A friend of mine recently moved from Colorado to an apartment building in Manhattan. She asked me how weird it will be to bake a cake and offer it to her new neighbors. Maybe it will feel strange for them, chances are someone won’t even open the door, but I am sure there will still be people whose hearts will melt from such a nice gesture. But if it helps her feel more at home in a new neighborhood – why not? Don’t wait for your neighbors to start the conversation – introduce yourself first. The sooner you’ll get to know people whom you are likely to meet on a daily basis – the sooner you will feel like you belong here.

Have a House-Warming Party

Invite your old friends and your new neighbors. Connect the two dots together – your past and your future. Celebrate the change, after all partying, music and good food are all well-known stress-management tactics. Besides by arranging a house-warming party you sort of make it official: “I moved. Cheers to my new life!”


  1. Moving really causes a lot of stress to movers. To avoid the stress and feeling relaxed these are the useful tips to follow. Meeting the neighbors is the most interesting activity to keep away the stress.

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