Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Save Money on Moving

1. Pack yourself
It's a great way to reduce your moving expenses especially if the moving company will be charging you per hour. You might as well spend a weekend before the move trying to do as much of your own packing as you possibly can. Leave the big furniture and bulky items to the moving professionals but pack your own boxes. If you plan on using a lot of packing materials, you might shop around and buy some online at a cheaper price. If you know you will be moving in a few months, start collecting boxes - whenever you get a delivery from Amazon, or see some left on the street by a new tenant who just moved in. You can also inquire in a local store if there any spare boxes that they are looking to get rid of, tell them you'll be more than happy to collect them.
2. Get more than one quote
Obtaining multiple moving estimates is essential since the cost of your size move will vary from one company to another. Some movers charge a premium rate based on their superb reputation, but if your stuff is mostly old furniture you inherited from your late uncle, is it worth paying for the name?  At the same time you should beware of a lowball estimate since it might imply some hidden charges. Once you get 3-5 quotes, you will have a better understand of how much your move will come up to. As you compare the estimates, make sure to check that the moving company of your choice is fully licensed and insured.
3. Sell your stuff
Downsizing before that move is another way to lower your moving cost. There's eBay and Craigslist that will help you get rid of the extra items you don't want to take along. You will ensure there'll be enough space in your new house for new items and make a few extra bucks along the way.
4. Be flexible
Movers have their peak and off-peak days. As you can guess, most people prefer to move during the weekend when they don't have to be at work. Another tendency is for moving companies to be more busy at the end and beginning of each month - many tenants rush to move before the next month's rent is up. And it goes without saying that summer is the hottest season in the moving industry since so many people wait to relocate until their kids are out of school. If you don't have a specific date preference,  try to move in the middle of the month on a weekday.
5. Check for tax benefits
If you are moving for work, you might qualify for a tax break. See more information on tax cuts for moving expenses here.

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