Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Positive Effect of Moving

How many of us dread the upcoming moving because of all the stress that comes with it. Why not focus on the positive gains associated with changing one’s location instead.

First of all changing your surroundings will allow you to look at your life from a new perspective, to rediscover things that have become mundane and dull. You might wake up in the morning full of excitement because it’s not the same routine that you used to follow automatically. The day may actually be full of surprises: learning that your neighbor is a really nice guy and you can eventually become good friends; discovering a nice park near your new house; learning that your commute to work is now shorter and more convenient. You suddenly remember that you always wanted to jog in the mornings but kept putting it off because your previous neighborhood was too industrial. Or the magnificent view from your new window inspires you to throw a party for the friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

Sometimes changing a location is a form of an escape from unpleasant memories. A painful breakup or even divorce, rude neighbors, betrayal of a close friend, feeling that your life reached stagnation and you lost your purpose. You want to have a fresh start, to close that chapter of your life and start a new one. You want to feel hopeful and in control at the same time: you know that things can get better but you shouldn’t just wait for it to happen, you need to take action. If you were seriously hurt in the past, moving to a new place helps you heal and move on faster.

In many cases moving symbolizes your achievements and is a result of your hard work. People tend to improve their living conditions as they move up in age, they have careers and can afford to buy their dream house, which will be fun to compare to the first rented shoe-box apartment. It’s a feeling of pride and self-confidence that comes from living in a cozy house that you always wanted to have, but could only afford to buy now.

There are so many positive changes that come along with moving to a new place, you just need to remind yourself when feel too stressed out, that if you are open to change, it can bring new experiences and emotions that will make your life fuller and more joyful.

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