Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moving and Extra Charges

Moving is never a cheap service because it involves hard labor, fuel expenses, packing supplies costs. If you are planning to move soon and shopping around for moving quotes, you should be aware that there are extra charges you might come across if you have any of the following:

- Very heavy items. If you have an upright or grand piano or a pool table – those are extremely heavy items that need to be carried by at least 4 movers to avoid damage as well as human injury. Most moving companies will charge anywhere between $75 to $250 as an additional fee for moving items of excessive weight.

- Bulky items. Some pieces of furniture are not only heavy but are also wide. A sectional couch, a huge antique chest, or a large flat screen TV may not fit into your doorway. In this case you will require hoisting - it is lifting up a large or heavy object on the ropes through a window or a balcony. This usually means an extra charge for a customer.

- Narrow driveway/street. Sometimes movers are unable to park their truck directly in front of the entrance to your house or building because the driveway is too narrow, or the street is so small that the truck cannot enter it. If movers park far away and have to carry your furniture for some extra distance, be prepared to pay an additional fee for that. When moving long distance, be aware that your shipment will arrive on a trailer, which frequently cannot squeeze into a narrow street. Movers will often rent a small truck, load your furniture onto it from the trailer and then charge you additional for the shuttle service.

- Flights of stairs. If you live in a building, it makes a huge difference for movers whether it has an elevator or not. Carrying heavy pieces of furniture up five flights of stairs is an extremely hard labor. Not all the moving companies charge extra for the stairs, but since some do, make sure you inquire about it when receiving a moving quote.

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