Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Using Wardrobe Boxes for Moving

So you've packed most of your stuff for the move: your books, CDs, linen and dishes. But then you open your closet and immediately have this helpless feeling of desperation: you need to take your clothes off the hangers just to put them back on the hangers in a matter of hours. What a wasteful process. And you are going to waste even more time because you’ll have to iron many of your outfits after they stayed folded in a box for a few hours.
The solution to the problem is very easy – you need a wardrobe box. It’s a taller than usual box that has a metal bar inside on which you can actually hang your clothes without taking them off the hangers. Moreover – because the space on the bottom of the box usually remains empty, you can use it to put your other clothes – like jeans or t-shirts. There are many advantages to using a wardrobe box for transporting your clothing: not only you save yourself some time, but clothes won’t wrinkle during the move, because they remain on hangers. And if you overestimate and buy more wardrobe boxes than you actually need, you can always use them for light but bulky stuff like pillows or blankets, due to all the extra space they provide.
And here is your moving tip of the day: many moving companies offer two wardrobe boxes for free with each booked move. Some make sure you inquire your sales person about it.


  1. It’s great to know that moving companies are able to give two of these wardrobe boxes for free! How convenient is that!

  2. Wow! This wardrobe box comes really handy! I like it. I think I’m going to have one of these boxes. Thanks!
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