Friday, January 8, 2010

Common Misconceptions about Moving – Part I

Adjusting your expectations means being more prepared and less disappointed. When you hire a moving company, keep these common misconceptions in mind so that you know what to expect:

1. Movers are Always on Time. The truth is delays in moving are as frequent as those at the airport. However when your flight is delayed, you sit patiently at your terminal since there is not much you can do. When movers don’t show up at 9 am sharp, most people start calling the office at 15 minute intervals to express their rage and frustration. Don’t forget that you are dealing with transportation so delays on the road will affect you directly. Just sit back and wait till your moving truck gets through the heavy traffic. Keep in mind that many parkways are closed to trucks, so the driver might have to take an alternative route, which could take longer. Your moving crew will often consist of three of more people – all of them have to get to the company’s parking lot first, some of them taking a subway and occasionally being stuck there. And when one member of the crew is late, the rest have no choice but wait for him. If your move is scheduled for the afternoon, be aware that there is probably another moving job prior to yours, which may take longer than estimated. So thinking that movers are likely to be late is the right bet.

2. Movers Never Feel Tired. Or at least they shouldn’t on your move. Especially if you are paying by the hour. Some people expect the movers to work non-stop for hours: taking smoking, bathroom, or lunch breaks is not quite appreciated. Others find that their crew is not moving fast enough: could you guys run a little faster on the stairs with our extra-heavy grand piano? But speed affects the job quality: things get damaged more frequently if they are being moved in rush. So remember a simple thing: movers are humans, not robots! They need an occasional break and there is clearly a limit to how fast they move around.

3. Everything Can be Wrapped in Moving Blankets. And you can save on the packing supplies – who wants to buy boxes when blankets can be used for free? Some people go even further – they throw their small stuff in large trash bags instead of using the boxes. And they put little consideration how much weight those bags can really hold. Then they demand movers to use blankets to wrap their flat screen TV, an antique mirror and their glass china cabinet. To which the movers will respond, “We will, as long as you sign that you won’t hold us liable for damage”. The point is if you want your furniture intact, use proper packing supplies. Moving blankets are good for your couch, but not for your breakables.

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