Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Move Your Plants

Moving your house plants is a tricky task especially if you are moving long distance. The best solution is to move them on your own in your car: you can fix the pots inside so that they remain stable, regulate the temperature, and water the plants during the trip. None of this will be available on a moving van: they are not ventilated, the pots will be squeezed among big pieces of furniture which can easily shift and destroy them, no plant watering provided. Another issue is that long distance movers will not lock any perishables inside the truck – which means they may simply refuse to load your plants on their moving vehicle.

So to prepare your plants you should water them a day prior to the move. Wrap each pot with paper and bubble wrap to prevent its breakage. Adjust the bubble wrap so that it covers the soil as well –just leaving a small amount of space open around the plant. You may choose to leave the plant unwrapped, or cover it with one layer of paper, securing it with tape. The former is optimal since it will allow for the air access to the leaves. It’s important to place the pots firmly inside a vehicle, to minimize the rough movements. If the trip will take several days, come up with some sort of reminder to water the plants – you may simply forget because of all the stress associated with moving. If a plant is too big to be transported – consider trimming the branches or moving a cutting to grow it anew once you reach you destination.

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