Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Some People Manage to Have a Stress-Free Move

This isn’t really a brain surgery – the secret is thorough planning and step by step implementation (no matter how corporate it sounds). Here is what some smart people do to avoid stress associated with moving.

1. They start shopping around for moving estimates at least 2 months prior to the move.

2. They compare the moving quotes, inquire about the extra charges, check the references, read BBB records.

3. They reserve a moving date a month in advance and confirm it a few days prior to the move.

4. They discard the unnecessary stuff rather than paying for transporting it.

5. They start packing early (they never underestimate the amount of stuff that needs to be packed – there are tons of it hidden in closets)

6. They pack as much as they can especially if they know they will be paying for the moving services on the hourly basis.

7. They label and color-code their boxes.

8. They clean out the fridge the day before the move.

9. They make their traveling arrangements (instead of asking to drive in the moving truck with their belongings).

10. They understand that moving is a delicate job and don’t rush the movers to finish faster. They just sit back and let the movers do the job.

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