Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving in Any Weather?

Well, not exactly. Movers indeed work when most people would prefer to stay inside – in 100 degrees heat with equally intolerable humidity or when it’s pouring non-stop. But there are occasions when you might expect your move to get delayed or canceled due to the weather conditions. A severe snow storm is a good example. First of all some roads might get closed and movers simply won’t be able to get to your destination. Or your driveway will be covered with 20 inches of snow, which will make it impossible for the truck to park closer to the entrance. Don’t forget that it might be too slippery for the movers to carry heavy items: if they slip and fall, they can be seriously injured. Which is why a dispatch wouldn’t risk to send his men to do the risky work that day.

The good news is that nasty weather never last too long. The sun will come out eventually creating favorable conditions for a smooth umbrella-free move.

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