Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unpacking Tips

So there you are – in your new home. Movers are gone, now you are all by yourself … against your stuff. It took you days to pack, now you are afraid to even imagine how long it is going to take you to unpack. You have to find a new place for every single item that you have, moreover – you have to remember where that place is. But don’t panic: start with necessities, work it up to less frequently-used items – and with a systematic approach you will complete unpacking to turn your new home into a neat and cozy place.

It is a good idea to start off with the kitchen. Put whatever food you took with you into the fridge right away (make sure it’s plugged in). Stack your plates and pots in the kitchen cabinets, silverware goes to the draws. Now if you get tired from the overall mess in your house you can always take a break, go to the kitchen, make yourself some tea and sandwiches.

The bathroom is where you should turn your attention to next. Hang a couple of clean towels, unpack toiletries and put them in place. Once the bathroom is operational, shift the unpacking process to the bedroom. Make the beds, unpack your sleepwear as well as some clothes that you will put on first thing in the morning.
So mission is accomplished for the day. The kitchen is usable if you need a snack, you can now take a shower and brush your teeth, change into your pajamas and go to bed. Of course you don’t have to stop right there – if you wish you can keep unpacking all night long. But chances are at that point you will want to call it a day and get a good night rest. All the necessities are out, tomorrow is a new day and unpacking will no longer seem like a daunting task to you.

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