Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Organizers That Will Change Your Life

Moving into a new place: freshly painted walls, clean windows, empty shelves…. Spacious rooms look so neat without furniture. But then you move in and your stuff fills all the space. You promise yourself to keep the new place in order, get more organized but before you know it your things begin to pile up everywhere. Empty perfectly-clean rooms are just a distant memory - this place is now a mess most of the time.

Celebrate moving into a new house by getting more organized. We found three great organizers that will help you sort things that tend to create the most mess: clothes, tools, bills.

1. Closet Carousel. Not only it’s convenient to use, but will also guarantee to make your existing closet space more efficient. It comes with a bunch of accessories such as handbags and baskets; it’s easy to assemble and its parts are adjustable to maximize the individual convenience. Getting a closet carousel will help you keep your wardrobe neat and all in one space. Finding the right clothes in the morning will no longer be such a daunting task: everything is visible and easy to pull out. You can order your closet carousel at

2. Tool Organizer. All your tools will finally be in one place: a great display, easy to take, easy to put back. Moreover, because it’s a clear pegboard that you get to hang on the wall, it minimizes the need for shelves and frees up lots of space. And it’s only $59.99 at

3. Rotating Bill Organizer. It’s designed to organize your unpaid bills in corresponding date spaces (from 1 to 31 for each day of the month), which serves as a great reminder when it’s time to pay your bills. It also has a convenient stationery compartment to keep some of your desktop tools. You can buy your bill organizer at

Ready to win the battle with mess now?

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  1. I think I need one of that rotating bill organizer. I’m not really a very organized person but I think this will really help me organized stuff up.