Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Conduct Inventory Check When Moving In

As confused as you may be with all the paperwork your moving company will ask you to fill in and sign, it’s important that you hold on to all your copies. One of the documents that will help you make sure all your belongs have safely arrived to your new location is called “Inventory List Sheet”. All long distance movers are required to make one: they put numbered stickers on each and every one of your items – from large pieces of furniture to the smallest of boxes. Each sticker number is then recorded on the inventory list along with the item description. The mysterious “PBO” that you can see here and there on the list stands for “Packed By Owner”.

Once the movers arrive to your new destination, make sure to check-off each item on the list as movers begin to unload your belongings. The best way to do it is to stand in the doorway and check-off the items as movers carry them in – this way you won’t miss anything, since there can be several workers and they can carry several items at the same time. If you discover some missing or damaged items, make a notation on the movers’ copy of the inventory list prior to signing it. Ask the movers to look inside the truck – sometimes if there is more than one load they are carrying, the missing item could have shifted to another person’s lot. If movers are unable to locate the item, check with them about claim filing procedure.

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